The Krays: Bed Time Stories by Joe Machine - The Lollipop Gallery - PRIVATE VIEW 12/11/2015

Theme Artefact & Lollipop Gallery
The Krays: Bed Time Stories
Original Artworks and Prints by Joe Machine
13th of November – 13th December 2015
58 Commercial Street London E1 6LT
12th November (6-9pm)


“I was born in 1973, four years after the Krays received their life sentences. When the other kids were getting bedtime stories about Rupert the Bear, mine consisted mainly of my father’s recollections about 1960's London gangland. I remember the tales of the shadowy Kray Twins who were described by my father as wearing suits as sharp as a razor, and their notorious exploits fighting and shooting other villains in the smoke filled, beer-dark clubs of the East End.” – Joe Machine

Mythology has always been at the centre of Joe Machine's work. To him, the Truth and timeless iconography of myth are rich seams to explore and inspire his painting. Whether it’s his reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland, his fascination with biblical stories and Russian fairy-tales, or his obsession with the fear, violence and sexuality that run throughout his autobiographical sailor paintings, Joe elevates his subject matter and looks at it in a mythological light. He sees the figures that people his paintings as symbols or icons of the darkness and light that resides in all of us and which remains fundamental to the human experience. 

Theme Artefact and Lollipop Gallery are proud to present this exhibition of a new body of work exploring the mythology of the infamous Kray Twins and the effect tales of their exploits had on the internal landscape of a young boy’s mind. The exhibition will include prints, woodcuts, scrapings and large format paintings at a gallery located in the East End where the Kray’s once held court.

"I heard somewhere that the origins of European Royalty began in the ancient world as nomadic bandits and outlaws. These teams of villains rode from town to town killing and burning and offering “protection” from their own exploits to towns that would pay them. Once the bandits were in, they took over the town, establishing themselves as rulers. In time, they became royalty. Whether this is true, or not, the story reminded me of the British Royal Family of the underworld – The Krays.” – Joe Machine

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