Joe Machine talks about upcoming Teleny book with THEME

'I heard about Teleny from a friend of mine a few years ago. Its one of those novels I never really got around to reading at the time, although when I eventually got hold of a copy, I was pleased that I did.I read the novel in two sittings, then went back over it again. I'd been told it was a homoerotic novel and it's certainly easy to see it that way, but to me, it was more than that. Teleny is a novel about obsession and that's something I understand pretty well. In this way, the book transcends gender and even sexual orientation. Sure it's a sexual odyssey, but its also a study of  love and emotional projection, one that doesn't shirk from showing its central characters flaws. There is an inevitability about about the relationship between Camille and Teleny, one that I find very interesting to work with in terms of translating the written word into paintings.
Their relationships, with each other and the women they involve themselves with are ultimately destructive. It's the journey towards that point, how the incidents within those relationships play out , is what I have tried to capture. Its a fine balance, but as I said, the motivating force was always the obsession, the idea that someone can have about another person which informs their reality, the fixation ,desire and the danger that comes with it is one that I immediately recognised. Story aside, the writer speaks of his subject matter with the voice of experience and for me, that's a road well traveled.' - Joe Machine