Joe Machine. Free at Last – Original Hand Scratched Artwork on Scaperboard


15cm x 10cm. Original Scraperboard, Signed by the artist on rear.

A lovely small original piece from a series of work Joe Machine in producing around London's criminal mythology. 

"London Gangsters, especially those who were active during the 1960's are an undeniable part of the culture of the era. Thier style was matched only by thier menace. These were men of the streets, often born into conditions of poverty who had to learn to make a living anyway they could in a society with a hypocritical and one sided approach to what was and is considered to be 'criminal'. Thier way of life was harsh and unforgiving, it had to be, those were the times they lived in. The exploits of gangsters during the sixties has attained a kind of mythology and it is important to understand, that for a whole section of the population, they were considered folk heroes. These men have become archetypes, often emulated but never surpassed" - Joe Machine 



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