FOSTER, Richard & DAWSON, Christopher . Doin' It For The Kids - SIGNED LIMITED EDITION HARDBACK


This is a book that already feels like it's from another age entirely. Imagine: a world without smartphones, where the weekly local paper getting delivered was a Big Thing. In fact, so big, you'd get the Friday (Accrington) Observer on a Thursday night. Quicker than Twitter. Another age. Even going down Accrington Stanley's changed. Can you still take a flask to the game? We hope so.

To commemorate the publication of Theme Artefacts first e-book we are also producing a very limited number of signed hardback copies of this fantastic new, if not overdue, book by Richard Foster and Christoper Dawson.

Only 26 lettered copies (A to Z) are available to pre-order now. 

Each copy is signed and lettered by both authors and will never again be released in this format. 

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