Remy Noe - Original Watercolours & Sketches

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These small studies are each original. The small size of them mean that they are an inexpensive way of owning, and indeed collecting, an original piece of Remy Noe art.

"A large part of my artistic practice involves walking. Walking for mile upon mile across down, wood and beach, waiting and watching for that moment when all my senses come together to connect with a place, so I can feel inside it and bring out what I see through the medium of painting it.

As these walks are over large distances in often awful weather one of the most important tools I have are my watercolour paints, these are vitally light and need not complex mixing agents like my oil paints, which are very heavy and have to be carried in a big military pack on site. Once I feel the time is right for painting, I can quickly make a small camp and record the moment before it is lost.

These watercolour paintings are the results of these walks." - Remy Noe